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UNOFFICIAL Hogwarts Grad Party @ Lumos in Las Vegas
"We solemnly swear that we are up to no good."
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Serade Black as Bellatrix

Those of you attending Phoenix Rising, V2.0 of the Grad Party is already in it's beginning stages....

Join:  gradpartypr for all the juicy details!

2nd-Aug-2006 08:13 pm(no subject)
Had a fabulous time, Our first American Potter conference, and by far the biggest one We've done yet ... but definitely not Our last, We're already planning relentless deviancy for Phoenix Rising and Prophecy.

Lucius' LUMOS shots phase one, though they are still coming in, cross posting will happenCollapse )
2nd-Aug-2006 11:46 am - Grad Party Lumos pics
Grad Party pics are now up on my snapes_patronus account. There are Malfoys killing a Mudblood Gryffindor and a picture of me wearing a dead Muppet on my head. Check 'em out.

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31st-Jul-2006 06:44 pm - Withdrawl
Akemi42 Skull
I am seriously going through Lumos withdrawl. It was so awesome to meet all of you. I had such a fantastic time and I think I am pretty much a convention addict now.

So here are some pics from our night of debauchery.

P.S. "You're a woman, Harry!"
26th-Jul-2006 01:21 am - Wed shuttle
Serade Black as Bellatrix
Okay...shuttle bus fell through, but here's the next best solution...

48/for 6 pax limo - based on hourly.

So, 2 are ordered for 115pm under the name Shannon Conley

I'll be in with friends at 945am and taking the earlier limo.


DELTA curbside baggage claim
The service is BellTrans and it's a limo.
48/per hour -6 pax. (make it9-10pp and it will include tip)
I'll have a HARRY POTTER SIGN that I'll pass to Cheache (probably) and she'll have it held up.

I'm sorry that this didn't go as well...but, at least it's a back up and it's still cheaper than a cab!!

~See you at Lumos!


fawkes guest
fawkes guest

25th-Jul-2006 08:05 am - LATE NIGHT SECRET KEEPER OUTING!!
Serade Black as Bellatrix
At 1030pm, at least 2 secret keepers will make their way down OUTSIDE the Irish Pub. You're still supposed to say "I solemly swear that I am up to no good..."

We check you out.
We ID you.
We riddle you.
We send you on your way....

1030pm Last Secret Keeper Outing!!!
24th-Jul-2006 04:21 pm(no subject)
Serade Black as Bellatrix
I've got a quote from a bus company and I can get it for 10/pp for a Wed brunch time pick up!

Who's in?

1. Serade
2. Mistress Snape
3. tatiana422
4. fiona_fawkes
5.  alabastard
6. alabastardragon
7. Fiona_fawkes guest
8. Fiona_fawkes guest
9. akemi42
10. stitch_witch13

11.  Potter (with alabastard) 

**Who's going to kill me if I post a 115pm departure?  It's just in case some people's flights run LATE...and to maybe take a few more that are coming in and can get their luggage by that time.

Who's going to add or subtract themselves from this list?

24th-Jul-2006 04:33 pm - Welcoming Feast
jasper hale
Alrighty, they've announced the colors for the Welcoming Feast to determine which room you will be sitting in - RED and BLUE.

So according to several people on my flist, we are choosing BLUE.
The Dinner on Wednesday night will be at the Promenade Cafe. Lets plan to meet at 5pm in front of the Promenade Cafe. I will make and hold up a small sign that will help everyone find our group.  Please reply here or at the Lumos message boards if you think you might attend, so we have a general idea of how many are planning to come. Check out the dinner thread in the"Off-topic chatter" section on the Lumos message boards.
20th-Jul-2006 02:13 pm - Cash Bar.
Serade Black as Bellatrix
There will be a cash bar.
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